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Your bridge to first-class services for OEM & ODM projects.

In a world characterised by constant technological change, the development and manufacture of IT products is a complex task.

Companies not only need first-class technical solutions, but also reliable manufacturing partners.

As a German company with manufacturing partners in Asia, we offer you optimal synergies for co-operation between Europe and Asia.

Your partner for the development and production of ODM projects.

With three decades of experience in the industry, we have developed a deep understanding of the requirements of our European clients and the cultural behaviours of our Asian manufacturing partners.

Our customers benefit from:

> Technical expertise
Our expertise and experience in supporting OEM and ODM projects for well-known customers.

> Highest quality standards
We guarantee compliance with all quality standards and implement your project in accordance with regulations.

> Communication skills
Thanks to the close connection to our Taiwanese parent company Netronix and our Taiwanese employees, we can communicate on all project details without language barriers.

> International network
The close connection to our Taiwanese parent company Netronix and our experience in successful co-operation between Europe and Asia.

> Full control
You always have full control over all processes and costs.

> Focus on your core business
You can concentrate on product development while we take care of production. This saves you important resources.

> Lower development costs
Use our proven processes and technologies to reduce your development costs and times.

> Large capacities
We have large production capacities that help you to fulfil demand requirements without having to set up your own production facilities.

> Discretion
The confidential treatment of all your proprietary information and processes is a matter of course for us.

Prototype development and design customisation

Longshine can develop prototypes and offer design customisation to ensure that products meet customers’ specific requirements and wishes.

Product-related Services

In addition to the realisation of ODM and OEM projects, we offer you comprehensive services relating to your product and its import into Europe.

  • Logistics

    The manufactured products reach their destinations worldwide punctually and cost-efficiently. Thanks to many years of experience and an established network of logistics service providers, shipping from Asia is our particular strength.

  • Storage capacities

    Longshine offers large storage capacities to reduce storage costs on the customer side and ensure availability.

  • Custom clearance

    Handling customs formalities is particularly important when products are shipped internationally. Longshine can provide customs advice and assistance with the proper documentation and declaration of goods.

  • CE conformity

    Longshine supports compliance with regulatory requirements, such as CE conformity for the European market. This facilitates market access and protects against legal problems.

  • Packaging

    Longshine ensures that the packaging complies with legal standards to ensure the safety and protection of the products.

  • Support

    Throughout the entire process, we provide support with dedicated contacts who offer technical advice and at the same time serve as an efficient bridge to the manufacturing company in Asia.

    After Sales Services

    Even after your product has entered the market, we can offer you reliable services to ensure you can fully focus on your business.

    • Technical support can be provided by telephone or e-mail. Customer service representatives and technicians are available to answer questions and solve problems.

    • In the event of product defects or required maintenance, Longshine can offer repair and maintenance services. This can either be in the form of warranty services or chargeable repair services.

    • By providing clear and transparent warranty terms, Longshine shows what customers can rely on. Customers should know what types of problems and damage are covered by the warranty and how to get support in the event of a warranty claim.

    • The provision of original spare parts and accessories is important to ensure that customers can continue to use their products efficiently. This includes the availability and supply of spare parts, such as batteries, power supply units or other wearing parts.


    Focus on your core business and let us do the work for you.

    “I look forward to answering your questions about our extensive range of services. Whether ODM/OEM, Product-related or After Sales. The easiest way is to call me or send me an e-mail.”

    Thomas Grashoff
    Vice President
    +49 (0) 4102 4922 20