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Case Study

Digital Touch Displays with integrated Fire Protection

The Task

In sensitive areas such as escape and rescue routes, there is an increased risk of fire with potentially serious consequences.

According to the Institute for Damage Statistics (IFS), electrical fires are one of the most common causes of fire, with overheating and electricity playing an important role. With the increasing use of digital media technology, especially in public areas, strict fire regulations and extensive safety measures are needed to protect lives.

In co-operation with our partner gekartel AG, Longshine has developed a digital display for this type of environment.


This device differs from typical requirements for digital displays as it includes the following:

  • Placement in public unsupervised areas
  • Residential/commercial use in densely populated areas
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • Wireless (WLAN) transmission / 4G transmission


As the device is mainly placed in unsupervised public areas, fire protection has been integrated into the internal design. To ensure that information is updated in a timely manner, the device mainly uses Wi-Fi for data transmission, supplemented by a 4G transmission option in areas without internet access.


All VDS specifications were fully met and successfully certified.


Longshine and gekartel AG have successfully developed various series of digital touch displays with integrated fire protection and had them manufactured by our parent company Netronix in Taiwan.

These were used in stairwells, corridors, foyers and public spaces with a high number of visitors. A built-in E-Bulb serves as a miniature fire extinguisher that automatically extinguishes any initial fire hazards as soon as a certain temperature is reached.

This series fulfils the VdS directive 6024, which considerably simplifies the administrative work for fire safety officers.