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Case Study

Digital Touch Displays with integrated Fire Protection


Public areas such as lobbies, hallways, waiting areas, or spaces with a high number of visitors are key points for displaying current information, such as public transportation and mobility data, queue management, or guidance. In sensitive areas like escape routes and rescue paths, compliance with fire protection regulations plays a crucial role and should be considered from the outset in the development of facility concepts.

Given the increasing use of digital media technology, especially in public areas, strict fire protection regulations and extensive safety measures are necessary to protect lives.

According to the Institute for Damage Statistics (IFS), “electricity” (at 32%) and overheating (at 9%), along with human error (at 19%), are among the most common device-based causes of fires.

In collaboration with our partner gekartel AG, Longshine has developed a digital display for this type of environment.


Devices with integrated fire protection differ from traditional digital displays as they must comply with at least the Vds 6024 guideline. Furthermore, the following properties need to be considered:

  • Placement in public unsupervised areas
  • Residential/commercial use in densely populated areas
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • Wireless (WLAN) transmission / 4G transmission


Since the device is primarily designed for use in public areas, fire protection has been integrated into the internal design. For content maintenance and updating displayed information, the device primarily uses Wi-Fi for data transmission, supplemented by a 4G transmission option in areas without internet access.


All VdS specifications have been fully met and successfully certified for devices in 22”, 32”, 43”, and 55”.


Longshine and gekartel AG have successfully developed a series of digital touch displays with an integrated fire protection system featuring the self-extinguishing E-Bulb™. These displays have been manufactured through our parent company Netronix in Taiwan.

The “smallest fire extinguisher in the world,” E-Bulb™, shatters upon reaching the defined activation temperature, releasing the contained extinguishing agent instantly. It transitions immediately from liquid to a gaseous state and evaporates without leaving residue. The volume multiplies, filling the protected space according to the predetermined design construction.

The local cooling effect of the extinguishing agent extracts energy from the initial fire, extinguishing it (without displacing oxygen). Simultaneously, in the event of a fire, the power supply to the device is immediately cut off, preventing possible re-ignition permanently and reliably (similar to a safety feature).

This series complies with the VdS guideline 6024, significantly simplifying the administrative effort for fire protection officers.