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PCIe RS422/RS485/RS232C I/O Controller 4S

  • Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification 1.1
  • Supports x1, x4, x8, x16 (lane) PCI Express Bus connector keys
  • Built-in 16C950 compatible UART
  • 128-bype deep transmit/receive FIFOs
  • Serial communication speeds up to 1Mbps
  • RS-422 and RS-485 auto detect and switching
  • Low profile form factor
  • ±15KV ESD protection on all signal pins
  • Plug-n-Play, I/O address and IRQ assigned by BIOS
  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux 2.6.x/3.x

RS-422/485 I/O series, a line of PCI Express Multi-port Serial Communication Board, is designed to meet PCI Express Base. Specification 1.1. It can be installed in virtually any available PC system and compatible with all major operating systems. Users do not need to manually set jumpers to configure I/O addresses and IRQ locations. This boards offer independent RS-422 and RS-485 ports for connecting kinds of serial terminals on the PC based systems. This board is industrial stand which offer a reliable and high performance solution for serial multi-port communications.