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Multi-Speed 10G Network Card

  • Device DIP switches allow multiple configuration options
  • Automatic MDI/MDI-X selection on RJ-45 port
  • Auto-negotiation, NWay support on RJ-45
  • Link Fault Signalling (LFS)
  • Remote and local loop back test
  • LEDs for at-a-glance device status
  • Extends distances ranging from 2km (multi-mode fiber) to 60km (single mode fiber)
  • Store-and-forward at full wire speed
  • Internal and external power supply options
  • FCC Class A & CE approved

The LCS-C842 is a compact, reliable media conversion solution that provides network administrators with a cost-effective solution for migrating or upgrading copper-based networks to fiber optic-based networks. Whether data is transmitted over multi-mode, single mode or long-haul single mode fiber optics, or operating in full or half-duplex, the LCS-C842 is capable of handling the various cable configurations.
Link Fault Signaling – The LFS feature supports the creation of a redundant or secondary connection. This can be an ideal solution for those mission-critical or constant service applications such as fiber To The Building (FTTB) or Fiber To The Curb (FTTC). The LFS LED provides immediately indication of when a cable has been severed or when some other cause of disruption in service has occurred. Simultaneously, data transmission will be switched to the redundant link resulting in ‘non-stop’ network connectivity.
Loopback Test – Once enabled via a DIP-switch, the Remote or Local Loopback test feature allows the administrator to instantly determine the status of the cable connection. This offers a simpler approach to troubleshooting; no more manual inspection of cables and wiring closets.
Support NWay – The LCS-C842 takes advantage of intelligent connection technology to support auto-negotiation, thereby eliminating the hassle of manually configuring or monitoring the settings. This ensures a plug-n-play’ operability.
Cable Flexibility & Scalability – The LCS-C842 allows you to install fiber cabling anywhere within the network diagram without having to replace existing copper-based. It’s compact, modular design facilitates easy deployment in a narrow desktop location, wall-mount or as a multi-unit configuration based on the LCS-C819 12-slot standard 19″ rack-mount chassis. Plus, connecting the LCS-C842 media converter to fiber segments extends distances between networking nodes of up to 60,000 meters.