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1 Port USB Printserver

  • Windows basied Setup Program, Web-Management, Telnet, HP-JetAdmin
  • Supports DHCP (client)
  • Supports Internet Printing Protokoll (IPP)
  • Supports SNMP
  • Supports Firmware Upgrade (TFTP)
  • Implemented Flash RAM
  • Implemented SDRAM
  • LEDs for fast diagnostics

The LCS-PS101-B is a small, handy Printserver for Printers with USB-Connector. The Printserver is the comfortable solution to connect Ink, Colour, Laser or Pinprinter to your Network with 10 or 100Mbit/s. The Printer will be connected over a high-speed USB 2.0 standard port. It supports the most common Operating Systems. You can configure and administrate the Printserver with several Software and Web-Interfaces. The Printserver is the ideal device for flexible operations in envirements like Home-Offices or small and middle sized Offices.